Winter Winds

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Wow, It has been forever since I’ve posted on here.



The main purpose of this post is to just say what’s on my mind and get it off my chest.. So sorry if it’s a little… bleh.

I don’t know what it is about winter time. I always seem to get slightly depressed(even though the weather this winter hasn’t been bad).

I’ve been thinking a lot lately and it seems like everyone I used to confide in and talk to about life has just kind of vanished from mine. It sucks when that slight depression comes on and you have nobody to talk to. I know that’s what friends are for, I just don’t see them being too interested I suppose.

I keep praying about it and then I think about it and I’m already talking to a God who loves me and would listen to any problem, no matter how deep it is. Then I get uncertain on why I’m even praying for it.

I guess it just seems like if I talk to someone in person it would help me out.

Also, cuddle weather is in effect and I HATE it! It makes me want a girlfriend so bad! Especially because I’ve been watching Greek and that show has the best girlfriend ever on it.. and she’s Extremely Beautiful.

All of you who are in great relationships, be thankful for it. All of you that aren’t, I feel your pain. Well, if you are getting the cuddle season effect like I do.

Aaaanyways, look at my schedule this semester:


Comparative Politics: Don’t understand a word the teacher says.

Piano: Easiest class EVER.

Guitar: AMAZING.

Biology: Boring!

Drawing 2: Biggest waste of three hours of my tuesdays and thursdays..

2D Design: Retaking it because I had to drop it because I had jury duty.. So easy A!


From all of that you all should take that I am going to drop out of college and become a famous Guitarist. Don’t worry, I’ll still remember SOME of you when I’m famous. Haha.


I’m also supposed to be doing homework right now, but I’m not…. So I’m going to end it with this:


He must become greater; I must become less.” John 3:30

Humble yourselves to God’s will and He can do great things through you!


Good morning, afternoon, or night depending on when you read this!



Jury Duty and such

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Someone told me that I am monotone the other day! Can you believe that?.. Yeah?…. I guess I can too.

The worst thing in the world to me(maybe not the worst, but one of them) is when a girl cries around me. Most of the time it’s like this: I want to help or say something to make the girl feel better, but I have NO Idea how to. Maybe that’s just me though.

I had an experience with this last weekend. I was at a loss for words or a way to help. There Matthew 5 was again in my mind.

“Blessed are those who mourn,

for they will be comforted.”

When I found this verse and thought to say anything it was a little too late. But thanks to Twitter the verse still got to it’s intended viewer. Thank you Jesus.


Okay, so I never really said anything about being a part of jury duty on my blog yet. I was one of the oh so lucky people who got  to be a juror for a 1st degree murder case. The case was boring and presented no concrete evidence proving the defendant had shot the other man on purpose. The majority of the jurors(besides me and two others) seemed to want to give the man life in prison. I could never give a man LIFE on a case that is based solely on word of mouth, like this case was. I wanted to let this man go free, but he ended up with 30 years in prison.  I felt awful. I realized that one person was dead and would not be able to grow old and enjoy a long life, but was that really enough to justify taking away most of another man’s life when it could have actually been an accident? I don’t believe so.

One of the girls told me thanks for convicting the man. I had no idea what to say at first. I’m pretty sure I mumbled something like “bluahdujlhjdgvdjh” before I said in some form, “don’t thank me, I really didn’t want to give any man time in prison.” She insisted a “thank you” to me though as she began to walk away.

I’m going to leave this on a little bit of a happier note though..

I was in the biggest rush EVER and I was driving and of course ended up behind the person going 10 under the speed limit.. It always seems like when someone is in a rush they HAVE to end up behind the slowest person in the world. It’s destiny, or something like it. AHHHH


Okay, I’m sleepy.

Goodmorning/afternoon/night errbody!



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Study break!(first blog)

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I read Matthew 5 today. I think that I may try to read that every day for awhile because it puts everything a Christian should be right in front of you, all in one chapter.

“Blessed are the meek,

for they will inherit the earth.”

I had to look up the word meek.

Meek: Quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive.

Synonyms: Gentle- mild- humble- submissive- tame- soft.

After looking it up I thought about it for awhile.

I want to be meek.

 Today is the first day this entire year I’ve put an hour into studying. That’s ridiculous to me that I never have to study. I think from now on what I am going to do is just find things to study, even if I don’t need to. I love learning and understanding things.

 Something that’s been on my mind: Why do people go to college when they have no desire to try, or even to learn? That’s the whole point. Expand your horizons, ya know? And get a job I suppose.

I talked with someone about it yesterday, I forget who, and we decided it is selfish. Going to school, using your federal money you do nothing for, skipping class, not trying to learn, and not taking school seriously when there are people who would love to go to school, but they don’t have the means to.

Maybe you should give up your FAFSA and your little bit of extra money you get, and give it do someone who may be a little less fortunate, and a little more deserving and thankful for it. (That last part sounded a little mean, sorry.)

 This is my first blog EVER. I don’t really know if there is some sort of formula, some specific way of doing this, but I’ll do my best to keep it interesting. You may have already left this page, but if not, thanks for inquiring!

 Well, I just decided to do this on my study break. I guess I’ll get back to my Art History, History, and Health. I just missed a week of school due to Jury Duty, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

 Have a great morning/afternoon/night!(depending on when you read this)